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Residential operations are crucial to a solid waste authority’s responsibilities, focusing on waste collection and management within residential areas. These operations involve coordinating household waste collection, promoting recycling initiatives, and educating residents about proper waste disposal methods. The solid waste authority establishes and manages collection schedules, routes, and guidelines to ensure efficient and effective waste collection from residential properties. This can involve providing residents with bins or containers for segregating different types of waste, such as recyclables, organic waste, and general non-recyclable waste. By establishing clear and convenient waste collection systems, residential operations aim to encourage residents to participate actively in waste management practices and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

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North Central Solid Waste Authority uses “poly cart trucks” with arms on the side that pick up the poly cart and dump it into the top of the truck. If the poly cart is turned sideways or backward, the truck can’t grab it to empty it, which can damage the poly cart.

Please bag your trash and make sure the lid is closed! When the poly cart is dumped into the top of the truck, loose debris can fall out or be blown away, littering your yard or neighbor’s property!

Place your poly cart with the wheels against the curb (wheels away from the road), away from any obstruction, and with nothing overhead!

If the poly cart is too close to something like a mailbox, fence post, or parked car, it can “snag” on the object, or the arms can hit the object, causing damage. Please leave 16 inches between the poly carts when multiple carts are placed next to each other.

Poly carts that are placed under trees or utility wires are of particular concern.  Lifting the poly cart can cause damage to trees, utility wiring, and anything above the poly cart’s path.


We have received numerous concerns regarding the disposal of substances liable to spontaneous ignition.

Hot ashes or cinders, smoldering coals, and greasy or oily substances liable to spontaneous ignition are prohibited from being disposed of in a residential poly cart. Refuse of this type shall be placed in a non-combustible container on a non-combustible surface at least 2 feet from any combustible wall, partition, or exterior window opening and at least 10 feet away from any other flammable materials. Ashes or cinders shall be cold for at least twenty-four hours prior to proper disposal.

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