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To our valued NCSWA customers:

The infographic below shows the rates we charge at our Collection Centers for different sized loads for both commercial and residential established customers and non-customers. We use this rate schedule to ensure that EACH CUSTOMER is getting charged fairly and consistently. We invite you to use this flyer as a reference, and to help you anticipate what you can expect to pay when you bring your waste to our Centers. We very much appreciate you helping us make each visit to any of our Centers as expedient as possible. Please note that the Alcalde and Tierra Amarilla Centers accept cash and credit or debit card payments. El Prado and Córdova accept permit cards only. Please click here for more information.

Thank you,
Janet Saucedo
Interim General Manager, NCSWA

Fees charged by NCSWA


Mixed Recycling Chart


North Central Solid Waste Authority provides trash collection and hauling services within the geographic boundaries of Rio Arriba County in northern New Mexico. Included in our service area are the City of Española, Santa Clara Pueblo, Ohkay Owingeh, the Village of Chama and most of the unincorporated portions of Rio Arriba County.


  • Commercial
  • Roll-off dumpsters
  • Residential

Proper Polycart Placement

NCSWA uses “polycart trucks” – these trucks have arms on the side that pick up the polycart and dump it into the top of the truck. If the cart is turned sideways or backwards, the truck can’t grab it to empty it, or can damage the polycart.

Please bag your trash and make sure the lid is closed! When the polycart is dumped into the top of the truck, loose trash can fall out or be blown away, littering your yard or your neighbor’s property!

Please put your polycart with the wheels against the curb (wheels away from the road) and away from any obstruction, and with nothing overhead!

If the polycart is too close to something like a mailbox, fence post or parked car, it can “snag” on the object, or the arms can hit the object, causing damage. Please leave 16 inches between the carts when multiple carts are placed next to each other.

If the polycart is under a tree or wires, lifting it to empty it can cause damage to anything above the cart.


North Central Solid Waste Authority has received numerous concerns in regards to the disposal of substances liable to spontaneous ignition.

Hot ashes or cinders, smoldering coals, greasy or oily substances liable to spontaneous ignition are prohibited from being disposed of in a residential polycart. Refuse of this type shall be placed in non-combustible container on a non-combustible surface at least 2 feet from any combustible wall, partition, or exterior window opening and at least 10 feet away from any other combustible materials. Ashes or cinders shall be cold for at least twenty-four hours prior to proper disposal.